Ad Fraud and How to Fight It

Ad fraud is one of the most pressing issues for the entire digital advertising ecosystem. Let Nexd be your guide to the murky, often mysterious world of ad fraud, and how to defeat it.

This white paper covers:

- The state of ad fraud
- Types of ad fraud
- How to combat ad fraud
- Tips for prevention and cure of ad fraud


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Executive Summary

Ad fraud is the silent killer of brands’ bottom lines. 

That’s because it does more than anything else to distort how your ads are performing.

Here's a summary of the key areas of the white paper.

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$1 in $3

spent on digital advertising is thought to be lost to ad fraud


of all ad impressions were fraudulent


of all app installations were fake

Smarter Ads


Using mobile-first WebGL technology, Nexd brings premium-quality rich media advertising to any device, at any time.

Nexd’s unique approach to digital advertising means that there is none of the slow, laborious loading and movement that often comes from banner advertising.

Instead, a full rich media experience is available in images that are compressed without losing any of their clarity, allowing brands to display their products on all screens, quickly and efficiently, and with all
consumers having the same user experience.


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